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Day 72 + 73: A Productive Weekend


I decided to combine Day 72 and Day 73 into one post. Truthfully, I haven’t done much this weekend other than a few select things.

After sleeping in till noon, I spent Saturday mostly catching up on work that needed to be done after taking the majority of Friday off in Tübingen. I went deep on build systems again, and found some neat little tips and tricks thanks to the internet, and made more progress on some internal prods specs. Not having any meetings or phone calls really helped to create some time for focused work.

I interrupted my work day to grab a meal from Cafe Galāo for a late lunch. The balsamic dressing on the sandwich was too heavy, and it unfortunately pulled away from the delicious cheese layer inside. The King’s Crunchy Pepper Sandwich from Burger King hit the spot for dinner.

I finished off Saturday with some episodes of The Office in German.


I ended up sleeping pretty early Saturday night, which meant that I could get up pretty early today. I sat down with a cup of hot tea at my laptop, and quite honestly didn’t move from there for about 4.5 hours. I went down a rabbit hole of working on some non-work projects, which was really fun.

At around 11:00AM, I looked at the clock, got showered, and bolted out the door to stretch my legs. I didn’t even realize how much time went by. I originally wanted to go for a run this morning. I told myself to try and go for one later in the evening. After a hearty breakfast from Strohberg, and a longer walk back home, I shopped around for a bike bag. I think I found one that can be delivered from the Netherlands. Hopefully it’s able to arrive in time. The website said 1-2 days, so fingers crossed.

And then it happened again. I sat down, and another 5 hours flew by again. To be honest, my afternoon was not nearly as productive, as I had to untangle a weird set of issues with Node.js. Eventually, I managed to get it resolved. I built up an appetite again, and was in the mood for pizza.

I finally made it the local pizza place, a very popular place in Marienplatz, called La Signorina. I have unsuccessfully been able to make it there on multiple occasions, larger due to late working days or not being able to book a reservation in time. I took my chances, and walked in to see if I could get a table. I was in luck! I got a table, but I had a limited window to eat before the reserving party after me arrived. I was completely fine with that. I had the Sunset pizza, a delicious pizza with Crème fraîche, provolone, mozzarella cheese, sausage, and broccoli 👌🏾. I stopped after the gelato store next door for a few scoops of cookies & caramel.

As I wrap up my weekend, I look forward to the last couple of weeks here in Stuttgart. It feels like there’s a lot to do and so little time, but I realize it’s now a good opportunity to reflect on everything that’s transpired and been accomplished so far. I’m really glad that I’ve been chronicling my journey every day.

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)