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Day 7: The Long Weekend


It’s been 1 week since setting off to Germany, and I can’t believe how much has already happened. Work-wise, the biggest highlight is sitting next to so many colleagues with whom I would normally communicate dealing with a 9 hour time gap. Outside of work, there are small opportunities to experience a new culture with the realization that I’ll be around for 11 more weeks.

Beer and a Burger

We had a team dinner at a local Brauhaus (translation: brewery), Brauhaus Schönbuch in Böblingen, a village on the outskirts of Stuttgart next to Sindelfingen. It’s the home to a number of corporate offices, including Mercedes-Benz. Tomorrow is the start of the Easter break. Technically, it is federally mandated to take Friday and Monday off, so many people either stay at home celebrating Easter with their kids or go for a weekend trip. I’m opting to do the latter. My plans are still in the making, but I’ll probably drive to one of the nearby picturesque, European, magical villages tucked away in the countryside.

The brewery

When you sit across from someone and have a beer with them, your perspective changes. You may already have a great relationship with a person, and now you’re exploring new depths. You may know them as an acquaintance, and are now laying a foundation for something deeper. You may not like them, and are now working to resolve differences while liquid courage loosens your tongue and makes you feel more confident in speaking up. Or you may not like them and still continue to not like them, drinking in silence (This definitely was not the case! Just trying to make a broader point).

Regardless, having a beer with someone can be a great experience. I really enjoyed my time getting to know my teammates outside of work on a more personal level. The burger and a few beers made the night even more enjoyable.

German buns are different. I’m not sure how I feel about them just yet.

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)