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Day 68: A Regular Tuesday

Let’s Skip to Dinner

I won’t bore you to do death on how my work day went. There was lots of work. It needed to be done. So, I spent my day doing just that. I worked from home for the day, largely because I didn’t have too much to jump into the car to the office for some time-sensitive stuff. That panned out alright because I could step over to Rewe to grab some Drano for my shower drain. It occasionally overflows, so I thought I’d find a quick remedy.

Now to the fun part. After my last call at around 7:00PM, I made my way over to Taverna Feine Griechische Küche. Sitting on my butt all day, I decided to walk. I quickly regretted that because I had to summit some pretty large staircases before descending down the other side of the hill near the Schwabstraße S-bahn station. Though my legs were decimated, it was nice to get my heart rate up for the first time since recovering from my cough.

At Taverna, I met up with a co-worker, and we had some of the most delicious food I’ve had while in Stuttgart so far. Authentic Greek food goes a long way for Abhishek 👌🏾. Everything was so fresh, and flavors jumped out of every single dish. The spiced meats were my favorite part. I want to learn how to make Zucchini chips.

After gorging ourselves with way too much food, we popped over to Jigger & Spoon, a very popular speak-easy bar and lounge in a renovated old bank vault. Getting into Jigger & Spoon can be tricky for first-timers. When I went last October while on a separate business trip, it took me 10 minutes to figure out that the office building I was standing in front of was actually the entrance to the bar. After ringing the doorbell and taking the elevator down, you enter into a hallway with a portrait of the Mona Lisa that leads you into the bank vault where the bar is located. A few minutes after we arrived, the place got packed really quickly, so our timing was perfect as we found some comfortable seats to sit on. The cocktails are 🔥.

At some point, we noticed that time flew by, and it was definitely time to retire for the night. Great food, great company, and great drinks always makes for a great night. Thank you, Jannis!

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)