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Day 67: A Very Hot Day

Warming Up

It was unbelievably hot. When I woke up and walked to the car, I already regretted wearing jeans. I got into the car and blasted the air-conditioning to cool down. The drive to the office was sunny and beautiful, unusually bright in my opinion for 8:00AM.

The office that I predominantly visit has big glass dual-pane windows on each floor. For some reason, the lower floors were like ovens. I’m not sure if it was a greenhouse effect or if it was the massive compute workstations chugging along. Throughout my day, I had to walk back and forth between warm and cool parts of the office until it was time to go home. I got a double scoop of gelato ice-cream at lunch, which was heavenly in the heat.

Crunch Time

With just a few weeks left, lots of things are in motion. This post arrives late as I stayed up late last night working, and of course, ogling over fresh photos and videos my nephew. As things start to wrap up, I’m now maximizing as much time as I can with co-workers and friends. Of course, this is certainly not a good-bye, but a hearty “see you soon” on MS Teams, FaceTime, or in person when you visit Sunnyvale. I won’t get sappy, yet. Otherwise, that was pretty much my yesterday.

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)