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Day 66: Working Day

Front-loading the Week

Given that we have another 3-day week this week (due to a holiday on Thursday and a bridge-day on Friday), I decided to spend today getting a head-start on the work week. At the beginning of my trip, I thought I added all German holidays to my calendar. Clearly, I missed one. I’m not sure what I’ll do for the “days off”, so I’ll need to make a decision by tomorrow. I slept in and started working just before lunch. I stepped out to grab a latte macchiato because I just ran out of coffee grounds and I didn’t care much to have tea this morning. I went down the street to Strohberg again.

Generative Ed

Signing off in the evening, I decided to catch up on all of the latest news on tech, and specifically GenAI developments. There was one particularly exciting announcement: Google just dropped 9 free courses on GenAI development. Hosted by Qwiklabs, these are some great education courses from Google, and I’m really glad they are doing this. There’s so many debates on how this technology should not only be developed and regulated, but also evangelized. I’m a big fan when companies proactively make the step to help disseminate knowledge and information for free. Well done, Google. I’ll spend some time over the next days going through this.

I also realized today that I need to carve out and dedicate more time for development of my fun side projects. Given the speed at which this technology is going, it’s easy to feel left behind, and I think the only way is to obsessively push hard to stay in the know. Like this newsletter, I’ll start to prioritize this more in my daily life.

As my work week has already started, that pretty sums up my Sunday. Of course, I’m still obsessing over my nephew. I’m trying to estimate my luggage space to see if I can bring back some goodies for him.

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)