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Day 65: Reunion

Can’t Get Enough

I spent the morning pouring through videos and pictures of my nephew. At this point, I think I’ve watched a video of him where he discovers his tongue almost 50 times. Every time I watch it, it makes me so unbelievably happy and warm. He’s small, but he’s super long. I’m almost positive he’ll have the height of his parents. I’m counting my days to see him.

Pizza Party

After a slowish start to the day, I made my way over to pizza party reunion with former and current co-workers. It’s been at least 3 years since we were all back together. It was great catching up with everyone and reminiscing about past memories and work stories. It’s also crazy to think how fast time flies by.

With an incredibly well prepared selection of toppings and delicious fresh pizza dough, we made pizzas from scratch and threw them into an Ooni oven. The pizza production line produced almost 20 different pizzas in a matter of a few hours. It was also my first time tasting pizza with yellow tomato sauce, which is an absolute game-changer. I’m now a big fan of spicy salami. I made a super pizza with as many toppings as I could throw on. It was so satisfying that I was ready to take a nap after inhaling it.

The weather was wonderful and warm. With the sun setting at around 10:00PM or so, these spring/summer evenings are a great time to be outside. Radlers are the perfect beverage for such times.

After lots of pizza, delicious home-made desserts, Romanian Schnapps, and plenty of Radlers, we bid our adieus and I made my way home. I rolled into bed almost immediately and fell asleep like a baby.

That was truly a wonderful evening. Thank you, Paula and Basti, for such a fantastic night ❤️ 😊!

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)