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Day 60: Limited Weekend

Late Morning

The same thing happened to me again this morning. I woke up, had a strong start, and then mid-way through the morning, I fell back asleep. My energy waxes and wanes due to my lingering cough. I didn’t end up making it out to Heidelberg or going for a ride this weekend. Instead, I chose to spend my official day off getting prepped for the week and catching up on tasks pending from last week. I know, it’s super lame to use my day-off like this, but it makes my life a lot less hectic in a few days time. I finally managed to finish my expense reports 😅.


As I finished up my work around early afternoon, I decided to shift my focus to exploring GenAI tools. There are loads of exciting new announcements (e.g. langchain) that just dropped. I spent my day diving into some deep rabbit holes. I found the article by W&B on LLMOps to be particularly insightful. I’m building a few fun projects on the side. Hopefully, I can share some things along the way. Besides that, today was a pretty average day.

Evening Walk

I needed to get off my butt, so I went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was a really pleasant, warm evening, so there wasn’t a need for a jacket. I still brought it anyways just to be on the safe side. Some cafes were still open for business and kids ran around with way too much energy. I was jealous of them. Stuttgart is really a beautiful city in the setting sun. I didn’t get to snap a picture. I’d like to start incorporate these walks more often. It’s nice to disconnect and just be an observer of the world around me.

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)