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Day 5: Walking


Sunny but chilly

Finally, the sun has finally come out. It’s still incredibly cold, but the warmth of sunlight is so comforting. It’s also nice not being whipped by rain and wind.

1 Deconstructed Car, Please

Today I had the opportunity to visit the Electric Software Hub. One of the newest buildings created within the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center in Sindelfingen, the entire building was specially designed to house many software, hardware, system integration and testing functions all in one location. This is the first of its kind for Mercedes-Benz, and it’s definitely a sight to see. Only seeing one tour, I had the opportunity to see the magic behind the curtains of how Mercedes-Benz tests each and every component that is integrated into the numerous car lines and models its produces every year. Think of it like a bunch of deconstructed cars are lined up one right next to another. Every single component that goes into the car, from headlights and airbags, to seat sensors, door handles, and automated driving features, is integrated and tested in dedicated workbenches.

The primary method of testing all these different solutions is called HiL, which stands for Hardware-in-Loop, an integrated software-hardware configuration that mimics the intended functionality of a specific feature or function as it would in a car, without it actually being in a car. Decades of research has gone into this specific field to ensure that components, functions, and ultimately cars are designed, tested, and rolled out to customers as reliably and safely as possible. My mind was thoroughly blown by the expansive investments Mercedes-Benz has made to make this building a reality. I can’t show pictures of the inside, but it’s truly an innovative place.

A farm field, with the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center in the background

A beautiful walk separates my office from the MTC. I found that that walk is a pleasant respite from the fast-paced go-go-go of work. I enjoy the fact that walking is so common throughout Europe, especially living and working in one of the largest automotive epicenters of the world. I also enjoy the fact that a farm field fills the void between. The greenery and fresh air make for a nice stroll after lunch with a coffee in hand. I need to get a bike soon to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

Recommendation: Proper Pizza

This hands down has a place in my top 5 pizza places of all time. Proper Pizza is a restaurant that specializes in Albanian-style style. It’s just a short walk from the hotel where I am staying. As you walk within 10 feet of the entrance, a rich aroma of spices and cheese fills your nostrils. From a wide selection of available styles, each pizza is made with a special Albanian dough (I unfortunately don’t know the name). The real kicker is the sesame seed crust. Sesame seeds are baked right into the crust, which is very lightly coated with oil. The combination of sesame seeds and speciality pizza is 👌🏾 Tonight I had the Macho Pizza. I highly recommend this place if you ever visit. Apparently, it’s the only pizza place in Germany that specializes in Albanian-style pizza. The service is fast and the employees are very kind. If you’re in Sindelfingen, check it out!

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)