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Day 48: Let the Weekend Begin


Tomorrow is Ascension Day in Germany, which celebrates the ascension of Jesus rising to heaven. It’s a federally observed holiday. Companies also give Friday off as a bridge-day, so effectively, people have a 4-day weekend. I’m definitely not complaining about it. This day is known as Vatertag (translation: Father’s Day). In some places, it’s also known as Herrentag or Männertag (translation: Men’s Day). I fly out to London early in the morning.

Work Day

There wasn’t anything particular exciting that happened during work today. Thankfully, because of the long weekend, many meetings were cancelled as folks have already taken off for vacation. This meant more time for focused work sessions. For lunch, I had another lunch meeting at Proper Pizza in Sindelfingen. And, thanks to the roomies back in Sunnyvale, I know have my mountain bike shoes and pedals to put onto my bike! I’m going to start commuting to the office next week by bike, so this will be a really big help when pedaling uphill on the steep hills out of Stuttgart.


After quickly packing my bag for the weekend, I stepped out to grab a meal. A lot of places were packed tonight. Completely understandable, given that tomorrow is off. However, I still took my chances. I decided to go for Italian tonight. I had dinner at Perbacco.

I managed to get a table for 1 as a walk-in, although the maître d’ asked me to be quick about my meal before he had a big party arriving in an hour. I can eat fast when needed, so this wasn’t a problem. I was also starving, which made it a lot easier.

For my Antipasti, I had a plate of bruschetta al pomodoro and for my primi, I had the Soffi di vento con pesto, pomodorini e burratina (basically, a fresh noodles with arugula-pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes, and burrata cheese. Overall, it was a solid meal. Although, if I’m honest, I was observed with all of the tomatoes. It paired well with a red (I forgot the name). I can’t say if the price of the meal is justified by the quality, but it is what it is.

Now, I’m off to bed for an early flight.

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)