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Day 47: Rinse and Repeat

Nothing Exciting

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say that’s very exciting. Last night, I went to bed at an unusually early time, which meant that I had an early start to the day. I decided to go for a short run to get the juices before work. It was nice to catch Stuttgart in the morning, as the morning fog meets the rising sun. I felt more springy than usual. My natural rhythm is to sleep early and rise early, so my body felt more energetic than the last few days. Stuttgart’s hills are great for building leg strength.


After my evening meetings, I ventured out for dinner. I was really in the mood for a Döner Kebab, so I went to the place a few blocks away. I took the meal home and watched some NBA Playoffs highlights. There’s a slew of head coaches getting fired after season-ending losses. It’s tough to see that happen, but sometimes it’s necessary. For some reason, I feel like Doc Rivers keeps getting the short-end of the stick, no matter where he goes.

Finishing my Döner, I walked over to Bruno Cafe and Bar. Like most of the other bars in Marienplatz, it’s got a fun hipster / artsy vibe. I had a glass of wine and decompressed by reading. It was nice to get lost in reading for a bit.

Tomorrow is the last day before the long weekend, so I’m looking forward to one more day before heading over to London.

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)