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Day 41: Shattered Keys


I’ll keep today’s post short.

I was on the way home from the groceries this evening just before my last call of the day. As I put the key into the gate to enter into the courtyard, I stepped through, letting the gate close partially behind me. This is something I usually do (I’m almost positive this is what anyone would do), as I pulled the key out from behind me. Normally, this is a mindless operation, nice and smooth.

With my grocery tote slung on my shoulder, I pulled the key out, or so I thought. As I was putting the key into my pocket, I noticed that it looked different, almost incomplete. Turns out, the key snapped into two pieces, with the end of the key still stuck in the lock. I managed to pull out the piece and stood there baffled. Either I have super-human strength and I’m just learning about it. Or, I’m just really unlucky.

I messaged my Airbnb host, and he was able to give me a spare key. I’m still in amazement that this happened. I’ll have to replace the key, which is not a big deal. But like I said, I’m still amazed.

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)