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Day 33: A New Commute

Up and Early

I was up at about 5:30AM yesterday to get a head start on my morning. I cleared off my post for the day, did some work prep, made a quick egg scramble with toast, and jumped into the shower. I had a feeling rush hour would start at around 6:30AM, given most people are in the office by 7:30AM. I managed to get onto the road by 6:50AM or so. The minor traffic I hit was due to the normal congestion of the tunnels leading into and out of Stuttgart.

Google Maps took me off the main highway onto an alternative route on back roads to avoid an accident. At first, I was confused which direction I was going. To be honest, while Google Maps is generally reliable, it does have some issues with navigation around Germany, especially the back on the less popular rural roads. At an intersection, I verified the route was correct. The drive was peaceful and quiet. It took me about ~38 minutes to make it to the office.


I decided to leave from work earlier than normal to beat the traffic and take my remaining meetings from home. I didn’t want to lose my parking space nearby and have to hunt for a new spot later in the evening. My drive back home took roughly 20 minutes. Google Maps navigated me home on the same route from this morning. Apparently, it seems the highway is not popular. There was a lot of traffic right outside my apartment due to a medical emergency at the Rewe, which backed up the tunnels. Thankfully, it seemed like the person was okay in the end.

With a break for dinner for roughly 1 hour, I found a Döner Kebab grill a few blocks away. This is one of the reasons why I love living in the city. It’s so much easier to get good Döner. Grabbing my Döner to go, I walked back across the main square in Marienplatz. With the sun shining, people were sitting around on the steps, on the ground, on benches, soaking up as much light as they could get.  As I walked by, people were playing pick-up basketball, badminton, and table tennis. Everyone’s wants the warm weather to come soon. So do I 😄.

Frieden und Liebe ❤️ (translation: peace and love)