Helloooo! I'm Abhishek.

Professionally, I'm figuring out how to make cars drive by themselves.

Outside of work, I like to hang out with family & friends, travel, train for triathlons, read whatever I can get my hands on, learn something new, and tinker around with fun, new technologies.

I also love to write. I do it (almost) everyday. My brain operates like a sponge. A lot goes in, but what comes out is unpredictable. Writing is my solution to align my thoughts, perspectives, and opinions on a multitude of topics. I've never thought about releasing anything for public consumption. Until now.

DISCLAIMER: Some of my posts will be assisted by LLMs (e.g. ChatGPT, NotionAI, etc.). All content will be heavily reviewed and moderated. I'll indicate if a post is supported by an LLM with a 🤖. Let me know how you like it!

I hope you enjoy reading these posts & articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Feel free to ping me via LinkedIn or abhishek@hypothesislabs.xyz directly for anything!